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KASHISH is a amalgamation of the royal and timeless aesthetics with the modern sentiments! Weaving magnificent embroidery in lavish fabrics that were celebrated in the Hyderabad sultanate, each piece of Kashish adds a royal touch to your timeless beauty.

KASHISH is a part of your life during rituals, social events and significant occasions celebrating the woman of substance!

What KASHISH believes in:

We want to forward this regal traditional legacy in front of the world by incorporating motifs of ancient times in our clothing, tehzeeb, ambience and everything we do!

We are firm believers that opulence and rich heritage that the culture owns, should be taken toward.

Our inspiration:

KASHISH’s heritage has been inspired, adapted and developed amongst

Turkish – Dimije, traditional baggy trousers gathered tightly at the ankle find their footprints back to Ottoman Empire.

English- Indians adapted to the English style of clothing which gave birth to modern clothing with the indigenous ones only being used for special occasions.

Persian- Today’s salwar kurta, traces back its origin to the Persian influence which was brought to India by the Mughals who followed Islam.

Mughal- Pagri, paijama,churidar,
dhija, garara and Farshi, all these and much more are a gift by Mughals.

The Motif Inspiration behind KASHISH :

Hyderabad, the heart of Deccan plateau and the capital of Telangana has earned the sobriquet of ‘ Pearl City’ from a long time as the city is associated with the lucrative trade of splendid pearls and various forms of jewellery made using pearls.

The big picture from KASHISH:

What makes KASHISH stand out among the rest is its vision to elevate and inspire thousands of skilful weavers of Hyderabad to showcase their art in a modern way.

Our each dress has championed values of inclusivity and women empowerment whilst rooted with the regal and festive side of you.

The unconventional blend of tradition and time:

What makes KASHISH unconventional, the concept of blending the modern age taste with traditional roots.
KASHISH is a platform that merges some of the most distinctive ideas with the traditional and ancient art. While preserving our heritage, we want to ensure that we taking forward Hyderabad culture and tehzeeb to the younger generation with the latest trends and style.

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