Do I have to register to shop at Kashishindia.com?
No. Registration at Kashishindia.com is optional. However, it is recommended that you register on Kashishindia.com to get updates on new collection, trends and offers.

How do I register?
You can register by clicking on the Registration link at our site. After which you will get regular updates and can avail of all the services offered at Kashishindia.com

Do I have to disclose my e-mail id and phone number for registration?
Yes, it is important to disclose these details as it helps facilitate a smooth operation and ensure a secure shopping transaction for you. Rest assured, your data will remain secure with us. 

Is my personal information secure at Kashishindia.com?

Are there any charges for registration?
There are no charges for registration on Kashishindia.com

Can I edit my personal information?
Yes, it can be done in “My Account” section. 

What happens if my credit/debit card has been compromised while making a payment online?
We do not store/retain your credit card/debit card information. If you suspect any such thing, then please report this immediately to your bank.

Is there a limit to the quantity that I can order?
No, there’s no limit.

What should I do if I receive a different item from the one that I have ordered?
If a wrong shipment has been delivered to you, please contact our customer care within 24 hours of receiving the delivery. We shall ensure delivery of the ordered item to you ASAP.

Do you sell in bulk? How do I purchase from you at Wholesale Rates?
We request you to email us at support@kashishindia.com.

Does Kashishindia.com have Seasonal Sales?
Yes, we do have seasonal sales and promotions for special occasions! You can register with us for updates and exclusive access to our collections and offers.

Quality of kashishindia.com products
We adhere to strict quality and design benchmarks. Every Kashish product goes through several steps of Quality Control process to ensure that you receive the best.

Will I have to pay Duties or Taxes?
Taxes and Duties depend on your Shipping Destination. VAT, Custom, and Import Duties are not included in our ordering process, but may be levied as per rules and regulations set forth by your government.

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